Feng Shui consultations

How can a Feng Shui consultation help you?

A Feng Shui consultation can be highly beneficial in various life situations. It can and will help you overcome various difficulties with its creative toolkit that I recommend to use. There are so many different life situations, and below are some that avail themselves best for a Feng Shui consultation in your home or on the premises of your business.

New home

You moved into a new home and want to start off life in the best possible way. You may have gone through a divorce, or your kids moved out, maybe you moved out from your parents’ house, or relocated to a new home because of a job change.

Goals to reach

You have a dream or desire that you want fulfilled and believe your home could better support you in reaching it.


Something unresolved

You have been suffering from a long-standing issue and non of the traditional, rational ways of approaching it have helped.

Relationships, love & health

You want to attract a new love (or spice up your current relationship); want to get your health into a better state (and nothing so far has helped); travel more; have better relations with your loved ones.


Things go south

You moved into a new home and start noticing that your health, financials or relationships are not going so well as they used to – or are faltering in a really negative way and want to turn things around.

Grow professionally

You want to attract a new job (or multiple contracts); feel more abundant by exploiting your skills and experience; want to earn more money; find more creative solutions to your challenges.

How a Feng Shui consultation takes place

When you think about aligning your home to serve your purposes better with the toolkit of Feng Shui, it is worth thinking about those topics you would really like to achieve change within. What bothers you so much that you just have to deal with it? I will show some common topics for each of the 9 life areas that can get you thinking.

If you find your topic where my Feng Shui perspective and energy mapping could help you, do get in touch with me. I will send you some questions, and you will be able to easily answer them, and then we set up a time to do the consultation either by using Zoom and a camera or in person (available in Hungary only). Most consultations take two hours or so.

What will you receive with and throughout your Feng Shui consultation?

  • We will discuss your situation and issues you want to address during the consultation.
  • Live on-site or virtual (Zoom) consultation in your home or office
  • In case of on-site consultations, I will help measure Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR) in the places you spend the most amount of time (bedroom, study, living room, etc.)
  • Recommendations for improving your home from a health perspective: what materials, detergents, chemicals to avoid and what to use instead at home and on your skin.
  • You will be able to take notes during our consultation, based on what I notice in your home: most emotional, mental or physical issues have a very noticeable physical reflection / imprint in your home, and if you change those, your condition will improve.
  • I will help you even after our consultation by being available online to answer your questions.
  • I will make sure to highlight all cause-and-effect correlations for you, that relates to your problem and is visible in your home.

Consultation fees:

  • Homes up to 80m2: €195
  • Home above 80m2: €295
  • Business Feng Shui consulting: based on individual quote

The money invested in a Feng Shui consultation usually returns very quickly: new jobs, contracts, higher salaries, more clients, better health, a fuller life, new or improved romantic relationships and many other things await you if you start changing. All you have to do is believe.

Feng Shui Consultation: things to consider

When you think about Feng Shui-ing your home (or business), it’s worth considering what it is that you actually want changed in your life or within your business? What bothers you so much, that you just have to do something about it now? So here are a few thought provokers to get you thinking about yourself and your situation:

Career and Life path

Do you have a career that you wanted for yourself, when you were younger? Are you fulfilled and satisfied with it? If not, what would you change? The people around you? Your income level? The type of work you do? The location of your work? Traveling? Late nights? Levels of stress? Your horrible boss? Your not horrible enough boss?

When Career & Lifepath works...
  • You get a new job
  • You get to move up into a much better role or more meaningful job
  • You start to enjoy your work
  • More business opportunities find you
  • You start earning higher revenues with your business
  • You finally recognize what you want to do with your life, and make it happen – following your heart

Helpful people and travel

Do you need to do everything yourself? Do you find it difficult to find the right kind of help, such as a babysitter, a repair specialist, a health consultant or business consultant? Do you travel too much or too little vs. your plans? Do you often feel you are taken as a fool?

When Helpful People & Travel works...
  • You notice that they treat you more fairly and people are more transparent and honest with you
  • You get to be in the right place at the right time much more often
  • The people important to you will become available more frequently and willing to help you out or teach you
  • Things in general progress more smoothly
  • Travel will be less chaotic and stressful – and you will find more joy in it
  • You get to access your own spirituality and intuition much easier
  • You will be able tod o more / acquire more, as you will not be alone
  • Feelings, such as ’if I don’t do it, no one else will’ will disappear

Creativity and Children

Would you like to conceive a baby, but have been unsuccessful so far? Do you have issues with your kids? Do your kids want to leave too early or still living with you, despite their adult(ish) age? Do you sometimes wish you could be more creative? Do you feel burned out, bored from your current job or life? Feel constrained, as if new opportunities couldn’t find your way to you? Is trying out a new shower gel your most ingenious idea these days? 

When Creativity & Children works...
  • You will be able to conceive
  • You find joy and fulfillment in your work or hobby, and have many new creative ideas in all situations
  • A project that has been stuck for long suddenly gets new energies
  • The relationship with your kids improves
  • You become more comfortable showing the inner child within you
  • You will able to create something out of nothing
  • You make a process or project more effective within your organization
  • You can slow down your aging process

Fame and Reputation

Do others speak behind your back and not in the most positive way, hindering your career, hurting your family or creating a negative mentality? Do you need courage for something that you simply cannot fathom to start? Are you unable to realise your dreams and be happy, because fear takes over?

When Fame and Reputation works...
  • Have more business opportunities find you (resulting in bigger revenues)
  • You finally have the courage to do something that you were putting off for a long time
  • You garner respect from your spouse, family, colleagues, friends or strangers
  • Your good reputation gets protection
  • You gain fame (in a good way)
  • You finally get recognition for who you are
  • You receive support from others because they value you
  • You accept yourself for who you really are

Skills and Knowledge

How satisfied are you with your current level of education? Is studying difficult? Do you make the wrong decisions all too often and wish that you would be wiser? Would you like to change jobs but lack the qualifications and skills to do it? Do you consider the current TV shows educational?

When Skills & Knowledge works...
  • Get better grades in school
  • Be able to make better decisions in life
  • Be more creative
  • Become a better business person
  • You will attract many different opportunities and people into your life, who will be able to help you
  • You will find your inner wisdom easier
  • You may find your internal perseverance to execute a task you perceived as difficult
  • Have better quality relationships

Prosperity / Abundance

Are you going from paycheck to paycheck, and everything must be meticulously planned in advance to make ends meet? Do you long for a material ’thing’, but can’t afford it? You make enough money, but somehow, as quickly as it comes in, it also evaporates just as quickly? Would you buy some expensive fashion piece for yourself, but then would need to forget about spending on food?

When Prosperity works...
  • You get a pay raise
  • You receive money from an unexpected place/source
  • You make an even bigger revenue with your business
  • You can finally allow yourself that dream trip that you always wanted
  • You can finally help others
  • You finally start having a steady income
  • You will have plenty of money to spend on stuff that is important and beneficial for you
  • You gain peace of mind and satisfaction with what you already have in life

Relationships and Love

Are you satisfied with your current relationships (family, partner, spouse, business, colleagues, kids, friends)? Do you have people around you depleting your energy? Would you like to commit to a more serious relationship, but the right person doesn’t seem to show up on your radar? Do many ’wrong type’ of people land in your net?

When Relationships and Love work...
  • You find the One
  • You commit to something or someone without fear
  • You marry the love of your life
  • You get some much needed sparkle in your romantic relationship
  • Your relationship with your colleagues, friends or family members improves
  • You learn to trust others again


Are you having good quality relationships with your family? Would you like your more distant family to also consider you as a close member? Would you like to create your own family? Is covering for everyday costs a difficulty for you? Are you unhappy about your current family situation?

When Family works...
  • You will feel safer in all areas of your life
  • You will be able to better the quality of your sexual life
  • You will be able to treat life’s challenges with an increased self-confidence and less stress – due to your internal resources becoming stronger
  • The quality of your family relationships will improve and become more harmonious
  • Your wider family circle will treat you as someone close to them
  • Your business will grow, as will your revenues
  • You may get a promotion
  • You will be in a situation where you will always have enough money to pay your mundane expenses
  • You will have an enhanced emotional stability
  • Your physical and mental health improves
  • You will be able to make better decisions in life

Health and other

Do you or one of your loved ones suffer from a health related issue? Are you having a pack of chips while exercising at home? Are you always the first one to get the seasonal flu?

Are you supposed to be happy, but somehow the feeling isn’t really showing up in your life? Any other complaints that cannot be put into any of the above categories?

When Health works...
  • Have a more optimal state of healthiness
  • Reach a better balance in life in general
  • Improvements in those areas of life, which are not included in any of the above sections;

If you would like to request a Feng Shui consultation, please send an email to frankbenedek@gmail.com or call +36 30 251 1576. Consultations outside of Hungary take place virtually.

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