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With over a decade of experience in Feng Shui, I am dedicated to transforming spaces to harmonize energy and enhance well-being. My approach blends ancient wisdom with modern insights to create balanced environments that promote health and prosperity.

Benedek Frank

Feng Shui consultant & coach

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About Me - Benedek

I take a different approach than most Feng Shui consultants, when it comes to working with my clients. Because of my coaching background, I like to understand the person behind the request:

  • What does your life look like at the moment? » Where am I entering it as a Feng Shui consultant?
  • What changed in your life that isn’t positive for you? » What is the situation we are addressing during the consultation?
  • What do I notice as you talk and show me your place? » Using my coaching experience, I tend to hear out things ‘between the lines’
  • How do you speak and what are your words to describe yourself? » Could these lead to finding some ‘stuff’ in your home that look the way you speak?
  • Is there something odd that maybe even you haven’t noticed so far?

Feng Shui is just as much an art, as it is a science with all its invisible leads into energy patterns. We take into account what you have, how you live, what your imagination dictates to you, how you phrase your own issues, challenges and problems; and I go and show you the objects, symbols, furniture and decorative imagery that ‘speak’ and strengthen your daily life, projecting sometimes inefficient (negative) energies that, if you change with my guidance, will help change your life. I know it changed mine in so many ways already over the past 10 or so years since I have been using this knowledge of mine.

While I am a ‘no nonsense’ type of person when it comes to rationally evaluating whether something works (and how it should work), I realised early on that I also have a sense and openness to spiritual, energy-related topics. It’s easy to think that ‘if I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist’, it does exist! It does make a difference if you store a certain material in one place and not another; it does result in unimaginable abundance if you channel your thoughts into visions, and then support those visions with conscious reorganisation of your home or office; your desire to be healthier, to have better relationships, to attract the One, to earn more money, to utilise your creativity or to travel more can all be mended into reality with Feng Shui. I know, because clients have been telling their incredible stories after they made the recommended changes. So have a go with it and see for yourself!

I invite you on the greatest journey of your life. You do have to be open to it and intend for yourself to make the best of the intervention you can. My added value is making you see your own life from a whole new perspective: sometimes facing those fears and subconscious thoughts you have been having and replacing them with positive expectations, intentions and dreams that become reality. I promise you a jargon-free, sense-making, revelatory couple of hours with ample opportunities to ask questions and create a unique, truly tailor-made Feng Shui consultation that is about you and your life. So come along, let’s get going!  

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