Feng Shui client stories and feedback

Being stuck with a topic can hinder many things…

When I got in touch with Benedek, I wanted to end my 8-year-long spell of being single, and possibly create some space for a future partner in my life with the tools of Feng Shui.

He was immensely patient and most attentive during our first consultation. It became quite clear early on, that my flat wasn’t on my side when it comes to supporting me; so we wrote up a long list of things to do and change, so my life can be in Flow again – and not only from a relationships perspective. The only area that was good as it was, was my Helpful People and Travel bagua – and indeed, I never had any issues with these topics. Oh, and the Love Flower my girlfriend entrusted on me to take good care of, while she was away was doing wonderfully (as was she with her new boyfriend). Well, that flower was smack in the middle of MY love area (but since moved into the Helpful People area to make things right). Things do connect, don’t they?

Benedek’s enthusiastic support was so effortless and allowing, that I started making changes right after our consultation.

My life changed completely in the past few months. I started ‘using’ my environment in a more conscious way and notice immediately when I start a self-sabotaging clutter around myself. ‘Woa…this doesn’t support me’ is what I tell myself in those situations. I started getting new contracts (jobs) that I wholeheartedly enjoy, and the relationship with my family also started to improve significantly. I also began using all my work-related tools more consciously, as earlier, they just laid around all over my place.

I am grateful for all the help Benedek provided me, and that I can ask him anything whenever I get stuck; he responds very quickly and kindly and he often asks a great coaching question to further my journey. What questions? Questions about anything basically!

The One hasn’t come around yet, but my dating journey did pick up, and I moved my beloved dog out of the Relationships and Love bagua (to make space for a real person), and I have been walking around more slowly, smiling more and swearing less – so altogether I feel more balanced. The love for my life has arrived. Look for Benedek, if you feel you are stuck with something.

Thank you, Benedek!


I was in a marriage crisis when Benedek visited my home. I started rearranging and refurnishing our bedroom in the first round (where my Prosperity bagua was), then came my living room (Fame and Reputation) and finally I worked on people helping me in the Helpful people corner.

Things started progressing quite quickly with my career. Summer is usually quite a slow season in my area of work, as my clients are off on vacations, however this has been the first summer in 6 years when people started booking with me despite the holiday period.

At the same time (or rather a couple weeks later) I went down to a very deep point in my emotions, as our 10th marriage anniversary was coming up. I was full of pain and sorrow; grief started to work inside of me.

It took another few weeks when I could finally work again with the topics of romance and relationship goals. This area has been the room of my young daughter, and it was quite difficult to carry out anything due to the sheer number of toys lying around…but I finally made it, and am satisfied with this room as well: it has a great atmosphere and is cosy!

I am very much open to further changes, and allow a great relationship to manifest in my life.


I asked for Benedek’s help 7 months ago, as I wanted him to have a look at our home, with a focus on my relationship with my daughter. I knew there were a lot of things behind the difficult mom-daughter relationship I had, however I felt there were some things which were still not visible to me, and I wanted to shed some light on those.

Benedek assessed our home, including my daughter’s room and immediately discovered many ’red flat’ issues from a Feng Shui perspective. As he described my challenge, I immediately felt he knew everything. He recommended several things and some of those I could instantly do, while the rest didn’t take that long to implement either. Changes began happening almost immediately, as if an invisible energy field reorganised our living space! The resistance long present in my daughter has ceased to exist, and within a few weeks’ time, she became much more open towards me. Many things changed inside me as well and I could better understand her perspective. Another few months later, I experienced that she actually began to enjoy my presence (this was missing since her small childhood), and we began to have great conversations, enjoying each other’s company. I am highly grateful for Benedek, who pointed out things for me, and with his empathetic style and deep knowledge of Feng Shui, helped me get started on this journey.


I have been aware of Feng Shui for some time, however been a sceptic about its effectiveness so far. I came to know Benedek by chance and because of my despair, I gave it a chance to have a look at my various problems.

We went step-by-step through my home in light of all the changes I needed to do. Because of our consultation sessions, things in my life and health started to change for the better gradually. I am more energetic, healthier and positive changes have started to come alive both in my private (romantic), as well as my professional life. Throughout our consultations, we always looked for the most suitable solutions, taking into account the givens of the flat and my financial circumstances.

Benedek is very helpful, attentive and always calm in his demeanor; and his knowledge and experience of Feng Shui has also contributed to me feeling in good hands with him. Whenever I get stuck or have questions, he is always quick to support me. I am grateful for destiny to have connected us and I was open to Feng Shui. Of course I will make the Feng Shui perspective and system a natural part of my life from now on. I am happy to recommend Benedek and his Feng Shui consultations to all those who seek long-term solutions to their challenges, whatever the life situation is.


I came to realise that although my things were going in a certain way, this is more akin to a slow, bumpy ride than a speedy, conscious flow. Back some time ago, I already had a feeling once that I am on a jolting ride where the wheels do turn, but it isn’t really comfortable to sit on them and advance in such a manner. Benedek came to my private physio practice and had a look around. We discussed how I perceived my business and starting working on changes afterwards. We went around my business in a couple hours and started talking about things and stuff I perceived to be missing…and for which Feng Shui could provide a workable solution.

We talked about symbols, pictures and plants…placed crystals strategically and rearranged some of the furniture to serve better; we also isolated certain energy-drainers. The difference was noticeable in a few days’ time!

Personally for me, it brought about a much desired enlightenment that I missed. It energized me and I had the strength to take on stuff that I avoided for months!

My colleagues have started calling me enthused with cheerful voices when I started doing some of the stuff we discussed with Benedek…and told me how happy they were to come into the practice since the changes. …and we haven’t gotten to the end of each task we agreed on…

I recommend Benedek from the bottom of my heart, as he approaches issues consciously, goes to the bottom of issues and helps with the transformation as well.


You successfully ’subverted’ our flat and we threw ourselves in the recommended changes very enthusiastically. I feel as if we were living in a new home now, and I’m very happy that you made us create more liveable internal spaces, and flagged those areas that we could energize without being crammed into our small rooms or gallery. This huge push was, by all means very fruitful, and many things change because of it. As we are just expecting a new baby, the consultation was perfectly timed. The external decluttering process effects our mental thoughts as well – not always without pain, but definitely in the right direction.


Hello Benedek, We’ve done most of the recommended changes in a few weeks and I think we’re moving forward on that road well. My husband articulated to himself what his problem was with his workplace and what he liked about it, and realized that he had the opportunity to change. He wants to stay in his role for now and is now more conscious about it. If it doesn’t work out, he will switch, and that’s a big deal for him to say in such an enlightened manner. He talked to his manager and it worked out really well. His relationship with our daughter has improved a lot. In the meantime, our daughter became very open to the world and during the summer she made a lot of friends and old friendships became active again. Because of the recommended Feng Shui interventions (getting a plant) it all seems to work out in the relationships area for her. On health issues, almost all postponed examinations and follow-ups have taken place or are already scheduled for the next period. So there are important answers and solvable problems. The only shame left was the garage… But my husband has to arrange it, and now he said that before we winterize, he will do it, because after that he will definitely not touch it until spring. So overall there are several positive changes, but obviously this is only the beginning of the journey.


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