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What is Feng Shui and how does it work?

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science originating from China, with the main purpose of harmonising the energy flowing around the individual. The words Feng Shui can be loosely translated to ‘wind – water’. Based on early literature, we know that the universal Chi (Qi) energy was brought into movement by the surrounding environment of the hills, mountains, meadows, etc. and water (sea, rivers, lakes or similar). This energy flowed into the homes of people to either help them succeed, or bring about chaos. The phenomena holds true to this day. In a slightly wider context, astrology, architecture, cosmology, geography and topography are all part of how we use and understand Feng Shui today.


Since its origins, people who believed in the power of Feng Shui, always requested the help of Feng Shui masters when selecting, orienting or planning lots, buildings or spiritually important structures. Today, many people in the Western world have simplified Feng Shui to an interior design concept that prioritizes and predominantly deals with the health and wealth of the inhabitants.

The unseen energy field around you

Those with a purely rational mindset often remain sceptical and consider Feng Shui a pseudoscience. As it is difficult to scientifically prove its effects, I will leave them with their doubts, assuming there must be something great about being stuck in a bad life situation and accepting that nothing rational can be done about it.  In many topics, I am highly rational myself, especially when it comes to thinking of changing something for the better. I do have another, much more spiritual self as well, however. The self that has experienced many wonderful phenomena that my rational self couldn’t explain. As you will see on this website, I could recommend and intervene in many clients’ lives in more than one way to get them past their ‘stop signs’, sufferings or simply grant them a better life-quality. I wholeheartedly recommend Feng Shui to those, who have had enough of being stuck with ‘something’ in life, and would like to feel differently, live differently or attract better opportunities in life – by being open to changing the unseen energy field around them.


How our surroundings mirror and influence what opportunities we attract in life

What I offer should not be defined as a ‘miracle’.  It is rather an age-old experience (a set of cures, if you will) that keeps on working and giving. Feng Shui’s essence is balance: what is there too much or too little of in any given living space? If something is completely missing, can it be made up or compensated with something else? If the harmonization process is done properly, our life changes for the better. I have been to so many different homes, listening to various stories related to health, wealth, family, relationships, work or fame: X or Y seems to be stalled, not working, not moving along, can’t attract this or that. Whenever we begin to look at what Feng Shui area is located where within the home (or office) and match the state of that small area with what it mirrors in the given person’s life, it always amazes me how one’s external (physical) circumstances keep mirroring in the person’s life experiences.  We humans are not the only ones making an energetic imprint around us (by placing certain objects or having clutter around us), but the things, materials, objects, clutter, etc. around us make an impact on how we experience our lives. If you change your external circumstances, your internal experience of how life treats you will also change. You will be able to attract different opportunities, have better luck and will feel better both health-wise, in your relationships, at work and financially. My recommended solutions to fix certain things around you are mostly fine-tunings instead of costly or drastic solutions. This is the essence of it all that I can and love to help out for my open-minded and change-ready clients.

The role of Chi (Qi)

Chi means energy. It flows through our bodies, as well as around our living spaces. We can move Chi energy, if we want to, by way of decluttering, cleaning up, placing new things in new positions or directing the flow of energy in a certain way. Chi can ‘rush through’ our home or avoid it completely; and it can get stuck if we fail to move certain things for a prolonged period. We energize with the help of Feng Shui principles. We create balance from imbalance to bring about harmony into our lives. The objects and material things around us can support – or hinder – us. If we don’t create such a correction, we need to expend our own energy to bring about certain changes, while it could be done by way of consciously moving our surrounding stuff into an energetically better position – and doing the ‘heavy lifting’ for us. So why would you waste energy on something that a mirror or a light can do for you?

Explore My Feng Shui Services

Home Feng Shui Consultation

Transform your living space into a source of tranquility and positive energy with my expert Home Feng Shui Consultation. Tailored to align with your personal energy and lifestyle, this service ensures harmony and balance in your home environment.

Office Space Harmonization

Enhance productivity and foster a peaceful, efficient workplace through my Office Space Harmonization service. We will focus on optimizing the layout and energy flow to promote well-being and success in your professional environment.

Energy Flow Optimization

My Energy Flow Optimization service is designed to identify and correct areas of stagnant or negative energy in any space. Ideal for those looking to rejuvenate their surroundings and boost overall energy levels.

Personalized Feng Shui Advice

Receive customized advice tailored to your unique needs with my Personalized Feng Shui Advice service. Whether it’s for your home, office, or a specific room, I provide guidance to help you achieve balance and harmony.

The 9 areas of our lives – Bagua

Our lives can be divided into nine areas or life situations and they are spatially represented by areas in our home or office – calling these areas Guas. The sum of these guas put in a particular order is called the Bagua, and the ‘ba’ of Bagua means ’eight’ (having eight sides). The 8 sides plus the middle create nine zones that relate to the different life situations.

The names speak for themselves, as all of us find our lives revolving around these topics. If you are interested in understanding the philosophy and workings of Feng Shui on a deeper level, I am happy to guide you to various literature on this topic. On this website, I aim to showcase the everyday usability of Feng Shui, and raise your curiosity on how you can create a more fulfilling, abundant life for yourself, with my help. If you didn’t succeed for some reason with traditional tools, give Feng Shui a chance. Real Feng Shui works by noticing what is happening in your life right now, and how your home reflects that. The two work the other way around as well: if you reshuffle things in your home to resemble something you want, it will materialize in your life quite soon. So watch what you wish for!

Everything around us is in relation to something else. This spatial relationship is what Feng Shui is all about. The question is: what kind of Feng Shui surrounds you now, in your current living space (or office space)? You would be wrong to think that nothing is ‘feng shui-d’ around you now. Everything is, it’s just not necessarily serving you optimally.

Areas of the Bagua – the topics of our lives


This area represents abundance: so you have plenty to spend on good things in life (these, however, are not the same as the expenses you must cover, such as bills, food or rent). Some consider this as a power area, because money in many people’s minds is something we can influence others with. Think about any of the large software company founders for example. Enough said: if you would like to have abundance, you need to work on Prosperity.

Fame and Reputation

This part of your home is the one that helps you become the person you really want to be, influencing how others will see and perceive you. This of course is also dependent on who you come into contact with (opportunity) and what financial gains may come of this later on. This area is also the one responsible for your self-worth, self-identity, self-confidence…all making an impact on the quality of your relationships. If you have something to work on in these areas, come and work on Fame and Reputation.

Relationships and Love

Whether you are single and desire a new romantic relationship or would like to bring a new quality into your existing relationship with that special someone – maybe even spice up your sex life, then work on the Relationships and Love area. If you want your relationships in harmony, bring this area of your home into harmony.

Creativity and Children

This is where creativity and creative thinking ’live’. If you start rejuvenating your home here, you will have loads of creative ideas for how to go about things in other areas of your home as well. This area connects with children, since they usually think quite creatively. Anything to do with kids – either your own, your future ones or others within the family – should start here.

Helpful people and travel

This part of your home helps to get help from someone who could make things easier for you (a kind teacher, a helpful administrator, an honest real estate agent or someone at a networking event, etc.). It could be someone you know already; or someone ‘out of the blue’ offering their help. And remember: the Universe or the Angels (or whatever you believe in, Feng Shui not being a religion) from the other side may also be helping your life in many ways. This area helps in you being treated in a fair and just way. If you long for more (or less) travel, or are moving somewhere, this is also the area to take care of for yourself, so things go well for you.

Career and Life-path

This part of your home is the one that helps you do the things right, when it comes to professional endeavors – whatever this may mean for you. It could be your business activities, your employment path, a spiritual way or influencing other people (and calling this work), here you can set up things, so all works out well.

Skills and Knowledge

This part of your home is the area where you can influence how you learn, store and use knowledge. Although all areas impact each other, this one fulfills a particularly important role. For example, if, for some reason, you cannot manage your income well, you may think that the Prosperity gua isn’t working for you, and this might not be the case! Or if you always walk into the same wrong romantic relationship, you might need to think about it a bit. Alternatively, if you are attending school or some form of adult education – irrespective of your age -, you can strengthen your intention to learn and benefit the most from it – start here.


Our family is the most important part of our lives, and it only makes sense that our home also has an area devoted to them, supporting us in many ways. The energies that are responsible for our everyday expenses – rent, food, other miscellaneous costs – are ‘stored’ here. If you don’t have this area working for you, the Prosperity area won’t be able to fulfill its role either.

Health and all other things

The center part of the Bagua contains all the things that haven’t been mentioned above yet. Our physical, mental and emotional health. As this area is to be found in the center of our home, it connects with all the other areas in a physical and metaphoric way. As they say: ‘if you’ve got health, you’ve got everything!’

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